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Who We Are

El Centro Comunal Latino is a grassroots, community-based organization that seeks to provide an accessible and safe space for all Latinos, with a focus on Spanish-speaking people, to find information, access to resources and a place to hold community events. El Centro Comunal Latino also seeks to promote communication and understanding among service agencies and the Latino community in order to facilitate their integration and encourage active Latino(a) participation in the greater Bloomington community (Monroe County) .


In the summer of 1999 a group of university and community women met for lunch to discuss the growing Latino population in Bloomington. Many of which had in one way or another been trying to provide support as interpreter, translator and/or doing referrals to community social service agencies. Within the group there was a varied degree of knowledge and limited ability to maintain any consistent and effective support. As a result the idea came about to create an organization that would address the growing needs within the non-university Latino community. That organization was La Central Latina, Inc. It took a little bit over two years to develop La Central Latina's bylaws, articles of incorporation and begin process of non-profit status. The organization's goal was to facilitate the integration of all local Spanish-speaking and other Latinos into the greater Monroe County community.

Two years later through information gathering and discussions with representatives from the City Government, Monroe County Community School Corporation, Latino organizations, religious entities, social service agencies and Latino community focus groups, the number one identified need was the establishment of a Latino community center; El Centro Comunal Latino.

The mission of El Centro Comunal Latino would be to provide a safe and accessible space for all Spanish-speaking people and other Latinos to obtain information and access to resources, a venue for community events and programs, a place where those new to the community can secure reliable information about health, safety, and work-related issues, as well as a centralized place to meet and discuss the challenges affecting the community. A board was established for El Centro Comunal Latino in 2003...

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