CCL Youth Mentoring Program

The purpose of the CCL Youth Mentoring Program is to reach out to high school students to help them explore how to obtain a strong education. Simultaneously, the program cultivates friendships between college students and high school students such that the high school students can count on the support of their mentors to guide them in identifying the resources they need and in developing as young adults.

As High School Students:

  • You will interact with positive role models who are eager to share their experiences with you.
  • You will learn about opportunities that will lead towards personal growth and educational achievement.
  • You will have access to programs and services to help your academic success.
  • You will learn from the mentors about taking initiative on leadership.
  • You will participate in social and cultural events with college mentors to gain knowledge of what Bloomington has to offer with academic resources and activities.

  • Requirements: High School students of the ages 15-18 years old,turn in an application with parent's signature, and attend any of the high schools (Bloomington High School North, Bloomington High School South, New Tech, etc.)

As College Student Mentors :

  • You will volunteer as positive role models who are eager to share your experiences with High School students.
  • This program allows you to take part in its development to better serve future Mentees & Mentors.
  • Your sole presence in these events may establish a new perspective for these high school students that higher education is a achievable!

  • Requirements: College students from Indiana University and Ivy Tech will need to submit an application, background check,have the time to invest in the program,and ready to have fun while sharing your experiences.
You as a Parent(s) or Guardian(s) of your High School Student:
Will have the support of El Centro Comunal Latino and the coordinator of this program to inform you on the activities and also invite you to a meeting with other parents to provide a better understanding of this program. May gain resources to help your high school student(s) to relieve stress, anxiety, or may avoid depression in time by enrolling them in this program because it will help them find the materials they need to achieve their educational goals in school, as well as allowing them to be in the presence of peer support. You may be more aware of what is happening in the education of your student(s).

EL Centro's Youth Coordinators

Our Youth Programs Coordinators are Julian Luna and Fabiola Aguilera
If you have any questions or would like to join the program contact her
by E-mail: or Call:





EL CENTRO'S Tutoring Hours:







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Get Involved!

Would you like to be a high school MENTEE or a college student MENTOR for 2016? Here is How:

  1. Contact Us

  2. E-mail:

  3. or Call: 812-355-7513

  4. Potential Mentee or interested Parent(s) who would like to register your high school student in this program, provide your full name and number to contact you.

    Potential college Mentors, provide your full name and number or email to contact you with the application process and training.

  5. Lets us know how WE can help in your future achievements!

TAKE ACTION,Plan for YOUR Future!


~Julian Luna and Fabiola Aguilera